For five years, East London-based photographer Jenny Lewis has been documenting that pure love, photographing mothers holding their newborn babies. All of the babies were born in the London borough of Hackney and photographed within the first 24 hours of their lives.

For Lewis, the project has been life-changing and eye-opening.

“My life attitude, just five years ago, seems so remote to the way I think now,” she told My Modern Met. “Working on this project has certainly jolted me and my priorities and I am very grateful for the slap in the face it has given me and the seismic shift from selfishness to being more interested in other people’s stories rather than concentrating on what’s affecting my life.”

We’re happy to report that One Day Young has turned into a book, which is now available, from Hoxton Mini Press. Courtesy of the photographer, here are just some of the images you can expect to find inside.

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