Tips For Buying Jeans For Tall Women


Once your inseam creeps past 32 inches, finding jeans for tall women that also have the right cut and fit can be quite a challenge but fear not; once you know where to look the right pair of jeans are never far away.

The vast majority of retailers claim to carry jeans for tall women but there is no industry standard for what this means. To cut down on frustration, measure your inseam from crotch to heel remembering to add another inch or two to the number if you frequently wear heeled shoes. Once you know your true inseam, you can then narrow retailers down by length and size.

Making the right inquiries
When you enter a store, simply asking for jeans for tall women is much less helpful than inquiring directly about your size and inseam. An employee will most likely know what the store has in stock. If their options are too short, move on to the next shop. If their lengths are too long, look anyway. Jeans can always be hemmed up but not let down as there is normally no extra material in the cuffs.

Most tailors are well-versed in altering jeans for tall women for a very reasonable price, so train yourself to look for what the tailor can and cannot accomplish when trying them on. Nothing can be done with jeans that are too short but length can be hemmed up as long as there is no embroidery or other embellishments at the cuffs. If the thighs are too wide but the fit is right everywhere else, a good tailor can bring them in easily. Also, nothing can be done if the crotch is too high, so avoid buying them. Conversely, a too-low crotch can be refitted simply. In general, too large or long is a tailor’s dream.
Finding jeans for tall women is much easier with these simple tips kept in mind. By shopping for your true inseam and being open to making alterations, you can find the perfect pair of jeans for you.