Reasons Why Most Nigerian Girls Claim They Lost Their Virginity Through Rape


It has come to my notice that every Nigerian girl you ask if she’s a virgin or not they all claim to have been raped by either their ex boy friend,uncle,house boy or street boys with a popular tag “he threatened me not to tell anyone else he’ll kill me” now let’s look some of the reason why they always use the word rape when asked about their virginity status.

1 she wants to be seen as a saint: no Nigerian girl will ever agree that she succumb to s*x willingly rather she will always make the current guy project the scenario like she was actually been molested so the guy can begin to feel pity for her sometimes they go as far as shading tears once a guy asks “are you still a virgin” so as to create an atmosphere of been seen as a saint. guys beware of such ladies cos same way the cry in your present same way they do with another guy.

2 she doesn’t want to be seen as a cheap girl: even if she use her two legs waka go the guy house she go still say he raped me, why? so that the present guy won’t say she as been sampling with every dick and harry. Note am saying girls are not been raped but most of them make rape sure bail out not to be seen as cheap.

3 she wants to be loved: a girl can lie about her virginity status once she’s emotionally into a guy so as to avoid been dumped by the guy. Telling the truth might make the guy change his mind so she lies to still have his attention.

4. she doesn’t want to feel ashamed: if a girl finds a great guy and the guy kinda shows interest she does everything quiet right to keep getting more of his attention,if the guy asks about her virginity she go tell am say my uncle raped me one day when my mummy went to the market, it a horrible scenario for her to say it to his face that am not a virgin she go feel the guy go dey see her differently as perceived before.

5 Ego: girls generally are portrayed as the weaker vessel when it comes s*x affair and a woman’s pride is her womanhood and it is seen in most settings that men tend to respect and value a woman who’s still a virgin. A woman can lie sometimes about her virginity to protect her ego for the to hold her in high esteem. Ooopsy am lost of words guys please add your own and let the bashing begin.

BY Lilzeel