These 5 Simple, and Free Gifts You Should Give To Your Husband For Christmas


The older we become, the more Christmas can look like one large bill rather than a time we set aside to spend times with those we love the most. And as you struggle to find that perfect gift for the man in your life, I’m here to suggest a few simple and affordable options that could make his Christmas that much brighter. Not all gifts have to be a large box, a big bow, and an oversized price tag to match. Get him everything on the list, and it won’t cost you a penny, but you better start getting your renewal vows together, because there’s no way he’s letting you get away for another man to have all this fun.

Be-careful-at-parties CHRISTMAS

5. Full body massage
Men like being pampered too. Especially if it’s directly by their woman. After the kids go down, set the mood, tell him to relax, pour a glass of his favorite beverage, turn on his favorite tunes and go to work on his aching muscles for about an hour. Use the fact that he’s literally putty in your hands to your advantage and engage in some conversation that you have been wanting to have. It’s okay – he’s not going anywhere.

4. Videogame Time
Before marriage and fatherhood, your husband most likely had an intimate relationship with Call of Duty, Madden, Grand Theft Auto – or maybe all of them. Show him that the console isn’t a threat to your relationship and schedule some quality gaming time for him to get reacquainted with his digital ego. After a few hours of touchdowns, completed missions, and dodging bullets, your husband will emerge with the smile of victory ready to embrace the everyday challenge of figuring out what’s for dinner tonight.

3. Night/Day out with the fellas
Sometimes a man needs to talk about men issues with other men around. Historically, you haven’t been that thrilled to discuss Sport Center’s Top 10 list, and he’s been dying to talk about Odell Beckham, but can’t seem to get to you grasp the gravity of the situation. Call a few of his happy hour buddies and tell them to surprise your man at the local watering hole for a few hours. He’ll come back refreshed and ready to watch more of HGTV’s greatest hits cuddled up at your side.

2. s*x
This is the no brainer that for some reason we still need to bring up. More than anything, your husband wants to know he’s still desired by his wife. And believe it or not, he still wants very much to be emotionally connected as well. For men, it happens through attentive s*x. There was a time in your lives when the two of you couldn’t keep your hands off one another. I mean, how did your kids get here, right? Show him you still can’t keep your hands to yourself, and block off some intimate time to remind each other you’re still that same couple – just in more a seasoned package.

1. Sleep
Sometimes all a man wants is to close the door, pull the covers over our heads and snore uninterrupted for approximately 3 – 7 hours straight. Show your husband some hotel-style turndown service with a preset alarm clock and the sounds of Kenny G playing softly in background, and he may look in your eyes while shedding a tear of gratitude. Then he may change the music, but he’ll still get the best sleep of his life and wake wondering where he ever found such a thoughtful spouse.