5 Lies You SHOULD Be Telling In Relationships


1. Pretend to like what he likes

When it comes to relationships, trust and honesty are a huge part of what holds a healthy relationship together for a long time.  Simply put, without honesty, there can be no relationship.  In fact, sometimes, little white lies can go a long way in helping a relationship last.

When he’s excited about “the game” or some new flashy accessory he got for his car, a smile and a few questions about it goes a long way.  Even if some of his hobbies make you want to weep with boredom, rolling your eyes and acting disinterested would not only be totally rude, but it also tells him that you don’t give a shit about what he’s into and eventually he’ll start to think you don’t give a shit about him.  The small effort of at least trying says a lot about how much you care for him. Hopefully he’ll return the favor when you go on and on about somethings too