7 Embarrassing Things Every ’90s Kid Had In Their Room


1. Childhood memories

Having recently returned to my childhood bedroom, and being a child of the ’90s, there were more than a few objects that caused me to raise an eyebrow in embarrassment. The childhood bedroom of a ’90s child is a weird and wonderful place, filled with detritus like long broken Walkmans, CD singles, and the kind of kitschy era appropriate memorabilia that the Kylie Jenner-worshipping teens of today would scoff at. If you’re a ’90s child thinking about your bedroom and blushing, you know what I’m talking about.

Amongst the envelopes filled with glitter and secrets (mostly which boys you had a crush on, because lets be real, some of our interests back then left a lot to be desired), there’s much more excruciating memories to embarrass you. Some of them, of course, will be specific to you. Not everyone was weird in exactly the same ways in the ’90s. But there are some things, or at least sub genres of things, that all us ’90s kids have in our bedrooms, and that would probably take some explaining to the kids of today. Not that any amount of explaining would make them any less embarrassing. Here are some things you would find in the bedroom of a ’90s child that are pretty damn embarrassing.